Are You FINALLY Ready

To End the Curse Of Casual Dating

& Get Into a Serious Relationship? 

National Relationship Expert Shows Women The Secrets To Getting a Serious Relationship With a Man


Read the following questions very carefully and check every answer that applies to you:

Have You Ever Experienced Any of The Following:


a man you dated who never wanted anything serious


a man who didn’t appreciate you and/or took you for granted


a man you had great chemistry with who suddenly disappeared without a trace


a man who left you as soon as you opened up to him emotionally


a man who is with you, but you still aren’t sure you can call him your boyfriend

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, it is critical that you read this entire page... because...

I am going to teach you exactly what to say and do, Step-by-Step

To Get Into a Serious Relationship In a Record Time

While Eliminating The Usual Struggle, Uncertainty and Disappointment!


By Elaine M.D., a Dating and Relationship Coach & Bestselling Author


Is It Really Possible ...?


Yes, getting a man to happily and willingly ask you for a serious relationship with you - within just days of meeting him - is not only possible, it actually happens all the time... and it is a daily reality for many women who have learned the step-by-step "process" for making it happen. (Some women have figured this out on their own, and most others have done so with the help of an expert or a dating coach who has spent years into understanding, testing and refining the process.)


(And if you don't believe that it is possible right now, that's okay. As you read through this Blueprint, you will understand why it is very possible, and the reasons behind why a man will gladly step into a serious relationship with a woman so quickly.)


You have probably heard about one-night stands that many guys have with women without any intention to see them again. You may have also experienced a few of these yourself. If nothing else, you have at least seen it happen in movies or read about it in books or magazines.


You may have also heard about or know someone who dated a man for a while before becoming sexually intimate with him and still got dumped AFTER getting sexually intimate with him.


You may have also experienced or know someone who had experienced a casual relationship with a man which mainly comprised of weekly get-together’s for dinner, a movie and a sleep-over, but never went anywhere further than that!


But you may have heard of certain women, and may even personally know some who seem to ALWAYS get into serious relationships practically from the start completely avoiding the uncertainty which most single women experience with men.


So, the question for you to focus on from here on out is NOT... "are these kinds of relationships even possible?"...


... but instead, focus on..."Why do some women get into a serious relationship from the very start?"...


... and, also... "How you can learn to avoid one-night stands, casual relationships that go nowhere, uncertain relationships in which you aren’t even sure you can refer to the man you are sleeping with as your boyfriend, and INSTEAD have a serious relationship with the right man for you, keep him, and make him a part of your life!"


The only logical answer that should come to mind is – the women who are happily married and/or are in a serious, committed relationship do something DIFFERENTLY from what women who are presently single do!


And those women KNOW THE SECRET!


Asking the right questions can shift your mind from focusing on the problem to focusing on the solution. The latter is a lot more productive, and I will explain why in the next few paragraphs.


Okay... so... how can you make "serious relationship from the start" a part of your reality?


THE SOLUTION is in THE SECRET that married women know and you don’t (yet)!


In this blueprint, I will reveal the SECRET – the SOLUTION.


The very first lesson for you to drum into your head is...



Don’t Make These Mistakes Most Single Women Make That

Sabotage Their Chances For Getting Into

a Serious Relationship


Unfortunately, many women don’t understand the dynamics which lead to a serious relationship. As a result, women make the same critical mistakes with men over and over, which lead them to losing their chances for a serious relationship with a man… often permanently!


Here are some of the most common mistakes women make:


           Thinking that if they just go on enough dates with a man he will eventually decide that it’s time to get serious

        Thinking that the way to a man’s heart is through sex

        Thinking that they can make a man want a serious relationship by turning his attention to their good looks, intelligence or money

        Trying to convince a man to have a serious relationship by talking to him

        Trying to force a man into a serious relationship by threatening to leave him or by withdrawing sex

        Thinking that if you see a man regularly he is automatically your boyfriend by default

        Telling him how you feel about him and hoping that he will respond in kind



It is not about "time"... it's about "comfort."


What that means is... a man does not decide to become serious with a woman after "X" number of dates, or weeks, or months. ("X" can represent any figure that seems real to you.)


No, that's not how it works.


A man will decide to have a serious relationship with a woman when he feels sure it is the right thing to do. How long it takes for him to feel 'sure enough' depends on the woman (whether the woman realizes it or not.)


See, most of the time, it takes at least a few months before the average man can feel comfortable enough and connected enough to even start considering getting serious.


And...most of the time, the guy doesn't even know why he does it. In fact, most of the time, it is not up to the guy at all (but because he is simply "desiring" it).


It's almost always the woman who decides when it's time ('s the guy that proposes that it’s time they became serious - often without even realizing why he feels that he wants a serious relationship with a certain woman).


You may ask, if it’s the woman whose decision to move the relationship to the next level is critical, how come some women desiring a serious relationship more than anything still end up used and taken advantage of by men who want nothing but casual dating or weekly sexual encounters?


Read on and you will find out!


Driving Without A Map...


The reason that many women don’t achieve the kind of secure, safe and devoted serious relationship they desire is simply because they just don't know how.


Women aren't born with knowledge about "how to encourage a man to take the relationship to the next level" .... just as men aren't born with the knowledge about "how to make a woman happy."


Guys can be jerks sometimes, without realizing it or without even meaning to. Men seem to have a one-track mind. As long as they get what they want in the bedroom they don’t know that there is something much better, much more fulfilling than casual encounters.


Those are the things men appreciate once they get it. But until they get it they don’t know what exactly they are missing out on!


And when a woman isn’t getting what she wants in a relationship with a man, the only thing she seems to obsess over is, "How do I get what I want in a relationship?!"


And, oftentimes, the only answer her brain can come up with is, "Keep asking and bugging him for it!"


These women are hoping to either convince the man eventually, or break him down till he gives in. Both of those are horrible - and often useless - strategies.



Men Are Clueless When It Comes To Moving a Relationship

To The Next Level let's assume for a moment that your man happens to be among the large group of men who just don't know how to take a relationship from casual dating to a serious relationship, or whatever it is that you're trying to get your man to do in a relationship and the responsibilities you’d like him to assume in a relationship.


To make matters worse, his lack of knowledge on the subject may also make him feel insecure, afraid or even stupid about the whole thing. Therefore, he would simply "shut down" whenever you bring up that subject.


Do you see how this situation would continue to turn a small problem into a bigger and bigger problem - for both of you?


It's like trying to get someone who has never driven a car before – or doesn’t have much experience - to get behind the wheel and jump onto a crazy freeway.


But he's too afraid to drive, so if you push and force him till he finally gives in, he gets into the car anyway, and starts to drive it, but on his own terms – and not on the terms you want!


Guess what... he quickly ends up getting lost. Maybe he panics and even gets into an accident.


What happens now...?  Well, one thing's for sure... he is not getting in that car anytime soon - if at all – not with you, and not with anyone else for a while!


And if your guy has had this bad experience before, you may be sure that he is going to bring his baggage into your relationship with him because every time a new woman comes along (maybe even you) she starts asking him to get in the car again, without knowing (or caring) about any of his bad experiences from the past.


The point is, each time that a woman will ask, beg, or even force a man into a serious relationship before he is comfortable doing it, he will shut down and close off even more than before.


So, how do we prevent the above situation and make a man comfortable and confident about starting a SERIOUS relationship with YOU regardless of his past bad experiences and baggage of his previous relationships?




I am going to teach YOU how you can make him feel comfortable taking your relationship to the next level and confident in how to proceed in the direction you want your relationship to go!


I will help you become familiar with the process as well as the territory.


Not only will you now be more knowledgeable about what to do to steer your relationship in the right direction, you will also make your man become willing to start a serious relationship with you without hesitation.


Your only job would be to subtly encourage him.



How YOU Can Subtly Encourage Him

To Get Serious With You


Truth is, even those guys who may seem like players at first, often want more than anything to find one woman to settle down with.


But for most guys... it can take a few months, or even a few years. And yes, at times, it can take a few months - or more - before the man is comfortable enough to ask the woman he is seeing to even become sexually exclusive with him.


And becoming sexually exclusive is half of the battle because even being sexually exclusive with a man does not guarantee that he will stop looking for greener pastures elsewhere. Many guys are perfectly happy sleeping with one woman at a time and yet are very reluctant to commit to a serious relationship such as becoming an official couple – a girlfriend and a boyfriend!


However... for a small group of women it happens much faster. But it's not due to luck, looks or sex.


This small group of women have learned what I know... they have learned how to compress time in the man's mind. They have figured out how create that comfort and connection quickly....within a matter of days or even hours instead of having to wait several weeks or months.


As I mentioned before, it's not the number of days, weeks or months that really matter to the's how comfortable and connected he feels to you!


I’ve had clients who reported that their men asked them to date exclusively and to see where things will go as early as on a fist date after those clients of mine learned what you are about to learn in this Blueprint! 


I'm going to share that same 'formula' with you that can help you compress time... and build comfort, connection, attraction, and even commitment in a man...within a matter of days, instead of weeks or months!


Moreover, in this Blueprint, I will also focus on the main sticking points and problems that most women run into when trying to become serious with the man they are dating.


You see, there are a number of major hurdles/challenges that women face when trying to get into a serious relationship with a man...whether it's within the first few dates or months down the road.


These hurdles are what causes the "no-strings attached" door to be slammed in their faces...oftentimes permanently.


I will clearly explain what those main hurdles are. And then, I will show you how to navigate through each of them as smoothly, cleverly, and attractively as possible so that YOU end up being the "girlfriend" of the man of your choosing.



Reverse-Engineering The Process...


In essence, I have reverse engineered the process of moving from the first dates to a serious relationship by going over dozens of actual, real-life scenarios where men were easily, happily (and willingly) persuaded into turning their casual dating into serious relationships with women they had met just days ago.


I have taken examples from my own life, as well as those from my private coaching clients who moved from having casual dating encounters to serious monogamous relationships.


Plus, I have also spent a lot of time in talking with many other women who were “naturals” at getting into a serious relationships from the start avoiding the headache and the uncertainty of endless casual dating and in understanding the mechanics of what it is that men look for...and what exactly has to happen, to make a man want to happily make the woman he met just days ago his girlfriend. (The reality is that most men don't even know how the process actually happens. They only know that it feels "right.")


And, of course, I have also taken notes and found out the information about the failures and the "came very close but failed" incidents so you won’t have to repeat the mistakes other women make over and over!


Because it's equally as important to figure out what works as it is to understand what does not work - and why.


You see, by carefully examining and understanding why men sometimes stepped into serious relationships with women within a few days of meeting them...and why they did not do so at other times, I was able to figure out what the main differences between those two events were.


And...I was able to figure out what worked and what definitely did not work!


The rest was easy!  I simply threw out the parts that didn't work...tested, tweaked and strengthened the parts that did work... and pretty soon, I ended up with a "magic formula" that worked effectively and consistently...over and over again. And it’s been tested time and time again ever since. Dozens of my private coaching clients were able to turn their off-again-on-again casual encounters into solid monogamous relationships. Dozens of others were able to stop their unhealthy dating patters of attracting players and womanizers and find their dream boyfriend!


That is exactly what I'm going to share with you in this Blueprint!


Introducing: "The Serious Relationship Blueprint"

How To Get a Serious Relationship In a Record Time

While Eliminating The Uncertainty, Struggle, and Heartache!


This Blueprint will reveal all these things to you...


The Serious Relationship Blueprint

 how to make the transition from casual dating to a serious relationship seem natural and comfortable to your man

 how to easily handle your man’s resistance and hesitation

 what men are looking for in a woman before and when they decide to have a serious relationship

 One thing you absolutely must do if you want to be truly desired by your man

 what the most common deadly mistakes that women make with men when they try to get into a serious relationship are, and how to avoid them

 what the best kind of men to chose for a serious relationship are (and what kind of men to avoid and why)

 where to find and meet these men who are perfect relationship material

...and much more!

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After testing and tweaking these strategies I have identified the best and most sure ways that work in each and every situation – regardless of your man’s age, status, previous relationships, his relationship history and/or baggage and anything else that could potentially come in the way of him starting a serious relationship with YOU!


Just read what my private coaching clients who paid thousands of dollars for one-on-one coaching sessions with me have to say about this system:



After a number of casual relationships that went nowhere 
am finally on the right track

The man I am with right now asked me to be his girlfriend on our fifth date AND BEFORE WE SLEPT TOGETHER! We see each other several times a week and do things together like other “normal” couples, which includes hanging out with HIS married friends on weekends, going away to Tahoe, etc. 

We've even attended his brother’s wedding together!

For the first time since my divorce years ago I feel SECURE from knowing that my man won’t disappear without an explanation like others did!

Thank you so much Elaine for your guidance and advice! I was completely clueless, and I feel that my understanding of men has skyrocketed since I started my regular coaching sessions with you! It was the solution I was looking for!

~ Barbara P.,
San Ramon, CA


Two weeks after I implemented the "time compression
strategy, Brian started referring to me as his girlfriend. He now introduces me to his friends as his girlfriend. We also have plans to spend our vacation together in the Bahamas in a few weeks, and he has already booked a hotel room. 

Our relationship went from a dinner date every other week to a full-time serious relationship! I could not have ever expected it would happen so fast!

~ Laura C.,
Sacramento, CA


I didn’t have much experience at dating, and so I could never put my finger on what it was about some women that just made them a man magnet. I’ve seen my mom struggle ever since her divorce from my dad & never being able to find a suitable boyfriend – the one who could actually commit, as well as some women in my office who struggle with their relationships. I was meeting a lot of guys but what I wanted was a real boyfriend, not someone to just hang out with on weekends, drink beer, hook up and then never hear from him again (I have friends who’s had lots of that happen to them!)

I met Elaine by a friend’s recommendation. They said if I wanted to know how to find a boyfriend I should listen to her. I just couldn't resist giving her program a try. Now, I have a boyfriend, and I am totally in love with him! The things I learned from this program are priceless! They separate women who are successful at finding a great relationship from those who aren’t!

If you are serious about finding a good relationship, the one that will fulfill all your dreams and desires, then get Elaine’s program! It will change your life forever!

~ Linda B.,
Novato, CA


After almost 6 months of dating a man casually I felt desperate. I never knew when he was going to call me or show up, and if he was even going to call me. I never had any security. It seemed like it was a classic booty call, not even a relationship!

All of my girlfriends were happily married, and I felt like I was a complete failure, like I hadn’t fulfilled my purpose in life – at the age of thirty-eight I had no kids, no husband, and not even a prospect!

Thanks to Elaine’s relationship coaching program, it’s all changed! To make a long story short, I now am engaged to get married only seven months since the day I started my coaching sessions with Elaine! I highly recommend her services to any woman who wants to break the chain of booty calls and have the relationship of her dreams! It was well worth it for me, and I am sure any woman who wants to improve her love life will benefit from the techniques and strategies she will learn from this program.

~ Jenna H.,
San Francisco, CA

And now, YOU can have the same results in YOUR relationship when you get the information that my private coaching clients paid thousands of dollars for – for only a tiny fraction of that price!


You can have it all under your fingertips because I have put this information in an easy-to-download format which you can access instantly after your payment approval on This Page – Click On The Button Below To Get It NOW!


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This Blueprint is for you if:


You date a lot but are finding that the men you date don’t want to have anything serious with you...


You tend to get involved with one man thinking that it’s going to lead somewhere but find out after a while that your relationship is not going anywhere...


You want to find and attract the right man and to settle down with him, but don’t know how to identify who is right for you, and instead keep attracting men who are wrong for you or no men at all...


You are seeing someone casually, but don’t know how to make him want a serious relationship with you without making drastic mistakes that can make you lose him and need step-by-step guidance...


You have a man in your life, but you aren’t sure whether you should even call him your boyfriend and want to know how to make it OFFICIAL


You have been seeing a man for a long time, and yet you don’t have a commitment and want to know what you are doing wrong and what you can do differently in the future to have a different outcome – to get what YOU want!


You are standing at the fork in the road – one way leads to the same old thing – frustration, loneliness, not getting your needs met in a relationship, endless casual dating and never being able to settle with the right man, dating men who want nothing serious with you, and ultimately being lonely and alone!


The other road takes you to where YOU WANT to go – SECURITY, PEACE, and SERENITY from knowing that you are NOT a single woman anymore, but that you are a part of the loving couple and OFFICIALLY a girlfriend of the man who is truly dedicated to you!




Do not blow this rare opportunity to rise above 'ordinary' women!


Because right now, you are already unique and unlike most single women out there!


How do I know this? Because you aren't just wishing to become better at understanding what it takes to subconsciously make a man FEEL within hours of meeting you that YOU ARE THE ONE he wants to have a serious relationship with.


You have actually taken action and searched for the solution. And you are now reading the solution.


So, let's continue to NOT be like most single women who end up caught up in a vicious cycle of casual dating, one night stands, and countless dates that lead nowhere!



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